An extremely or unreasonable high growth in the utilize of mobile devices has required that the condition of wireless communication within the structures has become not only anticipated, but in many situations mandatory. Both mobile and public security operators face the obstacle of providing extensive coverage within a developing in an inexpensive manner.

The ability to achieve good quality coverage from external base stations is increasingly difficult, due to environmental legislation around building construction, which not only improves thermal efficiency, but also efficiently defends the constructing from a wireless specific. Wave Digital Systems comprehensive range of in building coverage systems, provides solutions for small to medium and large buildings ensuring high quality wireless coverage is achieved throughout.

WAVE DIGITAL SYSTEMS in Building Applications:

Corporate Offices and Campuses
Multi-tenant High-Rise Offices
Hotels and Casinos
Government Buildings

Pre-Installation Site Evaluation

WAVE Digital Systems will evaluate the wireless environment in which you work to determine the reason(s) why you have a lack of Wi-Fi Signal in your building. We will provide you with our evaluation and recommendations before proceeding with your project so you will have a comprehensive understanding of all the project costs involved.

Prioritize areas of concern
Perform signal testing
Evaluate building materials
Locate logical paths to run cabling & place equipment

Engineering & Design

WAVE Digital Systems will design a state of the art wireless system based on your long-term business plans and objectives. Using Wi-Fi Technology the in-building standard design and planning, WDS delivers a detailed, scalable solution that will accommodate all of your wireless needs.

We will work with your current architecture using logical paths to run cabling and place equipment while producing a detailed set of plans showing the predicted coverage areas.


WDS has in-home and qualified contractors to commission your in-building wireless method. We can work with your set up team as well by supplying them with detailed installation diagrams to run cabling and mount equipment in pre-determined locations.

During the system commissioning we will be on-site to work with the carrier, test components, regulate your system to its peak operation and record the information necessary by your carrier.

Project Management

WDS can deliver a complete turnkey package that is managed from start to finish to let you do what you do best. We will provide you with progress reports as often as you wish so you are informed on every stage of the project.