IP Telephony and PABX Solution

Asterisk powers IP PABX technologies, VoIP gateways, and convention servers as well as being used by small enterprises, big enterprises, call centers, carriers, and government authorities around the globe. Asterisk is similar to the case of Legos for those who desire to create infrastructure applications. It consists of all the making blocks required to build a PABX, an IVR method, a convention bridge, and practically any other conversation app you might imagine.


Wave Digital Systems is a system integrator, reseller and business partner of Asterisk IP Telephony Solutions. We are considered one of very few resellers countrywide recognized with these contrasts for our excellent support and service of Asterisk/Digium infused end-to-end video intercom technologies for luxurious buildings and flats. If in case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our professional presales technical engineers team at +8801819214952 or email info@wdsbd.net for expert advice.


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