Cloud Server1 (1)

No up-front hardware costs. No burden of high cooling or electricity costs. No dedicating of valuable real estate space to hardware storage. And no need to hire or retain IT personnel to support hardware on-site.

Cloud Servers are perfect for new or existing businesses with hardware approaching the end of useful life, and have a huge number of benefits over physical servers.

Traditional physical servers require humans and hours – if not days – to launch; Cloud servers can be launched automatically and on demand in minutes. Physical servers are also physically limited as companies have a finite number available to them, Cloud servers have no such physical limitation. Also, physical servers are designed to run many applications (often because of the above-mentioned physical limitations). However, software applications are generally designed to serve a single function, so they often conflict when they run in one physical server.

With Cloud servers, your business can as quick as possible advantage from a number of benefits.
Advantages of IPRain Cloud Servers

Cost saving

No up-front hardware costs

No burden of high cooling and/or electricity costs

Eliminates the financial burden of running an in-house IT department

No dedicating of valuable real estate space to hardware storage

Elasticity – service on demand

Quick implementation and deployment

Infinitely scalable for business buildup or reducing – you can have as much or as small of a service as required

Scalability improvements can be done effortlessly and speedily on the back-end excluding service down time

Higher productivity

Permits your business to target solely on its core company

Anywhere access. Work from Anywhere. All you need is an Internet connected device, such as an iPad, smart phone, PC, etc.

Security and reliability

Designed for maximum reliability and security. Far more procure and of much superior functionality than that of a standard little to medium sized business network

Business continuity & improved risk management

Mitigates instances of unscheduled downtime


Guaranteed response time and 24/7 support, 365 days a year